Sri Mawar Primary School follows the syllabus and guidelines of KSSR of the Malaysian Ministry of Education since 2011. The school is an approved center to teach Mathematics and Science in English under the Dual Language programme approved by the Malaysian Ministry of Education in 2016.

The national language Bahasa Malaysia, is the medium of instruction for all subjects except English Language, Chinese Language, Mathematics, Science and Computer Studies.

Carefully planned supplementary work, in the form of the School’s own programmes, is provided for English Language, Bahasa Malaysia, Mathematics and Computer Studies.


The School academic programme for Primary 1 to 6 comprises the following subjects:

  • Bahasa Malaysia / Bahasa Malaysia
  • English Language (E.S.L.) / Bahasa Inggeris
  • Chinese Language(Mandarin) / Bahasa Cina
  • Mathematics / Matematik
  • History / Sejarah
  • Science / Sains
  • Islamic Studies or Moral Education / Pendidikan Islam atau Pendidikan Moral
  • Computer Studies / Pendidikan Komputer
  • Music / Muzik
  • Physical & Health Education / Pendidikan Jasmani & Kesihatan
  • Art / Pendidikan Seni Visual
  • Design & Technology / Reka Bentuk & Teknologi
  • Information Technology & Computer / Teknologi Maklumat & Komputer
  • ART EDUCATION / Pendidikan Kesenian

SR Sri Mawar follows an accelerated Mathematics programme. Students not only study the current year’s Mathematics syllabus but also do part of the next year’s syllabus. This happens from Primary 1 right up to Primary 6.

With the introduction of Dual Language Prorgramme (DLP) under the KSSR Curriculum by the Malaysian Ministry of Education, Mathematics and Science are taught in English from Primary 1 to Primary 6 in 2018.


Assessment is school-based and continuous. Pupils from S.R. Sri Mawar are accepted into government or government-aided secondary school without having to enter transition classes.

Weekly quizzes, informal monthly tests and format quarterly and semester examinations are conducted and the results reported. Major language tests have an oral/aural component. As from 1994, Primary 6 student also sit for the UPSR. (Primary School Assessment).

External Examination

Sekolah Rendah Sri Mawar students will sit for the following external examination:-

  1. Cambridge Starter Awards in Information & Communication Technology (Computer Studies)
  2. Trinity Oral English Examination from London
  3. Ujian Pencapaian Sekolah Rendah (UPSR), of the Malaysian Ministry of Education.

English Language Programme

Sri Mawar Primary School offers a comprehensive six year English Language Programme designed especially for the School by a specialist in linguistics and second language teaching.

The programme provides for both intensive coverage of KSSR language items and skills as well as supplementary work selected from some of the finest materials from Singapore and elsewhere.

Our approach to teaching language is ‘Eclectic’, in simple terms, we use the most appropriate techniques from the various methods of second language teaching. The programme emphasizes student participate and enjoyment, language appropriateness, communicative competence and the elimination of poor language habits. Instruction and practice are given in all four major language areas – speaking (including pronunciation, stress and intonation), listening, reading and writing.

Teachers make extensive use of audio visual aids including tape-players, and LCD Projectors. Computer programme (C.A.L), both commercial and those created by the School, also have an important role to play in language work.

Individual and group projects are a feature of the programme, with final products ranging from television shows to science displays and mobiles.

Individualized Reading Programme

The school conducts an individualized, progressive reading programme in Bahasa Melayu, English and Mandarin within library lessons. This will be closely monitored by the teacher-in-charge.

Computer Studies Programme (Primary 1 to 6)

The school has a modern Computer Lab equipped with personal computers, printers and a large variety of software. All classes are conducted on a one child to one computer basis.

SR Sri Mawar makes extensive use of audio-visual aids including computer-aided Learning (CAL) both commercial and those created by schools. The school is a Registered Learning Centre for the Cambridge Starter Awards in Information and Communications Technology (ICT). Starting year 2002 students can now gain international recognition for their achievement and competency in the application of ICT. This is because the Cambridge ICT Starters provides a framework through which students can be assessed reliably against performance standards set in an international context. The Cambridge ICT Starters consists of 3 levels, namely Initial Steps, Next Steps and On Track catering for students from Primary 1 to Form 5. A special feature of Cambridge ICT Starters is that there is no specific age for the child to start. The scheme is modular and certificates can be gained at any time with each level as it is successfully completed. However it should be stated that CSA is not a courseware. Instead it is a certification scheme to assess a person’s competency in ICT. Our sister company, Danawa Education Sdn. Bhd. produced the textbook and deals directly with Cambridge.

Pupil’s Calendar

Following are the pupil’s calendar. Please kindly click on the link to view/download the calendar: