One Time Payment

Fee Type Kindergarten Primary School
Application Fee RM 50
Admission Test Fee RM 20
Entrance Fee RM 250
Deposit RM 600 RM 1,000

Annual School Fee Installment For 2021

(Payable in January/May/Sept)

School Level School Fee Total per year
Kindergarten (Level 1) RM 1040 per term X 3 terms = RM 3,120 per year
Kindergarten (Level 2) RM 1040 per term X 3 terms = RM 3,120 per year
Kindergarten (Level 3) RM 1040 per term X 3 terms = RM 3,120 per year
Primary 1 RM 1,290 per term X 3 terms = RM 3,870 per year
Primary 2 RM 1,370 per term X 3 terms = RM 4,110 per year
Primary 3 RM 1,440 per term X 3 terms = RM 4,320 per year
Primary 4 RM 1,480 per term X 3 terms = RM 4,440 per year
Primary 5 RM 1,550 per term X 3 terms = RM 4,650 per year
Primary 6 RM 1,630 per term X 3 terms = RM 4,890 per year
Student Insurance = RM 22 per year

School Fees

  • Due dates for payment of School Fees for each term of the academic year are advised to parents at the beginning of each school year in the school Holiday/Events List. These dates are strictly complied with. Parents will again be notified of these dates two weeks in advance.
  • The school will issue written reminders to parents regarding overdue school fees every two weeks after the two months grace period. The school authorities have the right to suspend a child from attending classes should these fees remain unpaid after 3 written reminders have been issued.
  • To retain a place for a child on leave or holiday, the school fees must be paid for that term.
  • Fees paid are non-refundable.
  • When applicable, the school may require payment of a Commitment Fee (part of the first School Fee Installment and Non Refundable) to reserve/retain a place for a child continuing on the following year. Details shall be made available at the time of registration and from time to time as appropriate.
  • Payment of school dues shall be made by cheque/bank draft to “MAWAR EDUCATION CENTRE SDN BHD” or Cash Deposit or Internet Banking into our School account with MAYBANK, Miri. Current Account 5-11186-330275 (PRIMARY) OR MAYBANK, Miri. Current Account 5-11186-330269 (KINDERGARTEN) and forward or email (email: the bank in slip to the school / interbank transfer printout to our administrative clerks to get your official receipt. If you do not have the deposit slip we cannot give you the official receipt for payment of School Fees or the Deposit.

Refundable Deposit

  • Refundable Deposits are to be paid in full upon enrolment into Tadika Sri Mawar / Sekolah Rendah Sri Mawar (whichever applicable). Failure to settle the above may result in a delay in your child’s admittance to class.
  • Parents should notify the Head of School of their intention to withdraw their child from the school AT LEAST TWO MONTHS in advance, prior to the child leaving the school. An application for this is to be completed.
  • The school will refund the Refundable Deposit in January of the following year for students leaving at the school year end, or TWO MONTHS after notification of intention to leave, for students leaving during the school year.
  • Refundable Deposit is NOT to be used to offset the final term school fees of the year.

Parents will be informed about the other charges for textbooks and other items required for their child during the school year.