Level 1 (4 years old)

Instructions will be in English by a trained teacher, assisted by one assistant teacher or more. Through play activities in the early stages, the children will be able to speak and understand English. Children will be taught phonics, numbers, pre-reading, pre-writing and Science. Day-to-day activities provided for the children will include free-play, cutting, pasting, painting, drawing, singing and story telling. Chinese, Moral or Agama lessons are introduced through singing and story telling activities. Individualized English reading will commence in March.

Level 2 (5 years old)

Instructions will be in English and Bahasa Malaysia. Educational play activities will be geared to acquiring proficiency in English and Bahasa Malaysia. Children will be taught phonics, reading and writing in both English and Bahasa Malaysia. Mathematics is taught both in English & Bahasa Malaysia while Science is taught in English. Day-to day activities will be similar to those mentioned for Level 1. Chinese, Moral or Agama lessons are continued with writing activities incorporated.

Level 3 (6 years old)

Instructions will be in English and in Bahasa Malaysia. Children will be taught the 4M systems by a trained pre-school teacher. English will consist of reading, composition, spelling, phonics and grammar. Science and Mathematics will be taught both in English and Bahasa Malaysia. Chinese, Moral or Agama lessons are continues with writing activities incorporated.

For all Levels experiential, sensorial and hands-on. Learning is incorporate during the teaching process. Hence, nature study, cookery session and practical living-skills are carried out.

Bahasa Malaysia is introduced from Level 2. Children are taught the basics of the language through oral activities with emphasis being given to phonics (sukukata), pre-reading activities, grammar, spelling and writing.

Computer instruction will begin in Level 1 and continue through Level 2 & 3.

Chinese Language lessons start at Level 1 with oral Chinese (story telling, singing and visual aids). In Level 2 and 3, they learn the 26 basic stokes and continue doing oral Chinese using the same methods as in Level 1. They also learn to read and write simple words and sentences in Chinese. Level 2 and 3 children follow an individualized reading programme and Level 3 children will have Chinese spelling.

Individualized Reading Programmes

Tadika Sri Mawar boasts a unique, individualized Reading Programme, which has proved to be very successful since its introduction in 1985. Through this individualized, progressive reading programme in English, Bahasa Malaysia and Chinese, we have been successful in instilling in our children a love for books at an early age as we firmly believe that it is through reading that the imagination is stimulated and challenged and the child’s horizons broadened.

Individualized English reading begins in March for Level 1 after the children have settled into school and continues through Level 2 and 3. The Bahasa Malaysia reading programme begins in January for Level 2 and continues through Level 3 while the Chinese reading begins in January of Level 2 and 3.

Mathematics starts in Level 1 with learning the value of numbers 1 – 10. In Level 2 and 3, Mathematics is taught in English. The children will learn the vocabulary of Mathematics in Bahasa Malaysia in Level 2 and 3. By the end of Level 3 the children will have covered most of the KSSR syllabus for Primary 1.

Moral Education (for non-Muslims) and Islamic Education (Agama) lessons were introduced in June 1999 to children in Level 1, 2 and 3. A half-hour lesson for four times a week is allocated to introduce children to the sixteen Moral values as suggested in the curriculum guidelines. This is carried out through story-telling activities in Bahasa Malaysia. The values to be inculcated and practised include cleanliness, respect, co-operation, love for the environment, independence and a spirit of patriotism.

Islamic Education at pre-school level focuses on the basic foundations of the Islamic religion of praying, moral values and the history of Rasululah S.A.W reading of the Quran and simple Jawi and Arabic writing.

Science is not taught as a subject in Level 1, but it is incorporated in general subjects and Moral / Agama. In Level 2, Science is taught in English and in Level 3, Science is taught bilingual, English and Bahasa Malaysia. The children will learn the vocabulary of Science in Bahasa Malaysia in Level 2.

Pupil’s Calendar

Following are the pupil’s calendar. Please kindly click on the link to view/download the calendar: