Strive with determination and effort to groom a school that excels in producing knowledgeable and well behaved pupils.



  1. To ensure that all teaching staffs are trained and dedicated towards their teaching duty.
  2. To emphasize on discipline for all members of Sri Mawar Primary School to ensure that all staffs and pupils abide by the school rules.
  3. To give full attention towards the establishment of school infra-structure so as to provide a conducive learning environment for our pupils.
  4. To give priority and full attention towards Curriculum and Co-curriculum matters.
  5. To work together and interact with the Parents Teachers Association with regards to the learning progress of their children and to hold regular discussions to get positive feedback so as to achieve the objectives of an excellent school.
  6. To hold motivation seminar for teachers and pupils in preparation for UPSR exam.
  7. In order to produce a generation of professionals and well behaved pupils, the management of the school will ensure that KAFA and Moral subjects are strongly emphasized.  The monitoring of these two subjects are carried out with diligence.