Sri Mawar Primary School offers children a comfortable, non-threatening, friendly yet professional learning environment. The school believes in the balanced development of the child and so emphasizes character building, self-discipline, independence, effort, individuality, co-operation, respect, responsibility and creativity. We nurture the growth of the whole child-mental, physical and emotional – and are committed to the preparation of each of our pupils his/her role as a responsible Malaysian and world citizen.

The School aims to :

  1. instil in all pupils a sense of loyalty to and respect for King and Country.
  2. instil in all pupils a healthy respect for themselves, their families, their fellowmen and their environment.
  3. develop the whole child – mentally, physically and emotionally.
  4. prepare pupils for entry into local government or government – aide, local private overseas secondary institutions.
  5. foster involvement in sports, games, clubs, hobbies and other meaningful recreation.
  6. encourage cross-cultural awareness, respect and activities.
  7. preserve those moral values cherished by Malaysia’s multi-cultural society and reflected the character and outlook of responsible modern Malaysians.
  8. promote exceptionally high standards of tri-lingualism and numeracy.
  9. ensure that each child is given as much individual attention and guidance as possible.
  10. encourage parental involvement in the development of the school, and
  11. encourage and provide for the continual professional development of teachers, assistants, curriculum and methods.
  12. encourage pupils to recognize and accept difference in endowment and environment to hold every individual in esteem in his/her own right.